How to Download Provenance Emulator for iOS 10 Without Jailbreak

Hello buddies, welcome to Cydiabuzz. Today we are going to discuss how to download provenance emulator for iOS on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Are you a game lover who loves to play games on emulators? If yes, I guess you have gone through the emulators GBA4iOS, NDS4iOS, PlayStation Emulator etc to play games on your iOS devices. Those are all well-known and famous emulators to play games through gaming consoles. But, they are all having some compatibility issues with some devices to play some set of games. So, we need to install different emulators for playing a different set of games like GBA4iOS for Gameboy advance games, Playstation emulator for PSX games, NDS4iOS for Nintendo games etc.

What if I say you can play all these set of games on the single app? Why we need to go through all these apps installations if we have one single app to enjoy all those games? Yes, we can get all the games on one single app Provenance Emulator. So, Step forward the ultimate Provenance emulator for iOS to ensure that multiple legacy gaming platforms can be emulated with ease on Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices using one single app. Best of all, it supports Apple’s MFi (Made for iPhone) compatible game controllers as well. So, follow the guide to download provenance emulator for iOS on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Download Provenance Emulator for iOS 9/9.2/9.3.4 With and Without Jailbreak

Follow the guide to install provenance emulator for iOS on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without jailbreak.

  • As a first step download and install iNoCydia or iNoJB to your iPhone or iPad.
  • It’s a Cydia alternative which adds Cydia app to your iOS devices without jailbreak.
  • Now launch Cydia app from springboard and add the Source :
  • Refresh Cydia app, search for Provenance emulator and install it.

That’s it you have completed the procedure to download provenance emulator for iOS on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without jailbreak successfully. If you are a jailbreak user, you can follow below steps to install provenance emulator.

  • Launch Cydia on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Go to Sources and add the source :
  • Now search for Provenance emulator and install it.

With this, you have completed provenance emulator download for jailbroken iOS devices.

How to Sideload Provenance Emulator on iOS 10 Without Jailbreak

To sideload Provenance emulator for iOS 10 without jailbreak make sure you have below-required things.

provenance emulator

  • MAC PC running the latest version of MAC OS. If you don’t have MAC PC try to install Hackintosh on your PC.
  • Apple’s Xcode installed, the process is tested for Xcode 8.1. If you don’t have, download Xcode from MAC App store.
  • iPhone or iPad running iOS 10.
  • Need to have an active developer account preferably full developer account which ensures you that app will work for one year. Register for a full developer account here. You can also use free Apple ID but, you need to re-sideload the app to your iOS device for every 7 days. Register free Apple ID.

Steps to Sideload Provenance Emulator for iOS 10 Without Jailbreak

  • Launch Terminal on your MAC computer, type following command and press enter.
    • cd ~/Desktop
  • Now type this command and wait until the completion of downloading Provenance Emulator project files to your desktop.
    • git clone
  • Once download completed you can see a new folder named Provenance and you will get a message on screen saying ‘’Checking connectivity … done.’’  Now close the terminal.
  • Open Provenance folder, right click on the file Provenance.xcworkplace and open in Xcode.
  • Now you will get a window, carefully follow the instructions here
    • Select Provenance from left most panel of Xcode.
    • Also, select Provenance under TARGETS on the second leftmost panel and fill the details as below
    • Display name should be blank and set a custom Bundle Identifier anything as of you like we have set com.cydiabuzz.Provenance.
    • Now under Signing –> Team drop-down, sign in using your full or free Apple developer ID and select it here.
    • Set Deployment Target to 8.0 even you are using iOS 10, Devices should be Universal under Deployment Info.
  • Once all set as above connect your device to the computer and select it in Xcode using button right next to Play/Stop button.
  • Now click on Run button i.e Play button to build the project.
  • With this Xcode compiles the source code and deploy it to your device. Once deployment completed successfully, you will see a message saying Finished running Provenance on —- iPhone.
  • Now go to home screen and try to launch the app, it will give a pop-up Untrusted Developer.
  • Click on Cancel, go to Settings and Trust the app.

That’s it, the procedure to sideload Provenance emulator for iOS 10 is successfully completed. Now you can use the app without any issues.

How to Add and Play Games on Provenance Emulator

Once installation completed successfully, you need to add ROMs to your emulator for playing games. Follow below steps to add and play games on provenance emulator.

  • Open Safari and download the ROMs for games you wished to play.
  • Then open Provenance app and click on ‘+’ button at top right corner.
  • Now click on ‘Open in’ option and choose Provenance. Some may get ‘Open in ‘’Provenance’’’ option too, in that case, choose Open in ‘’Provenance’’.
  • This will add the game to the emulator. Now for playing simply tap on the game in the app.

That’s it, adding ROMs to Provenance emulator and playing games. We hope you enjoy playing your favorite childhood games on your iOS device.


This is all about how to download provenance emulator for iOS on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and adding, playing games on Provenance. Follow the procedure carefully and enjoy playing childhood games. The emulator supports NES, SNES, Sega CD, Master System, Genesis/MegaDrive, GameBoy & GameBoy Color as well as GameBoy Advance games. So, enjoy all your favorite childhood games on a single app.

Follow the process and let us know if any issues in installing the app so that we can help you in installing. Keep visiting us for more iOS and jailbreak updates. You can join us on Facebook or Twitter for keeping yourself updated with latest news and tweaks from iPhone and iPad jailbreak community.


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