GBA4iOS Download for iOS 9.3.1, 9.3.2 and iOS 10 Beta Without Jailbreak

Ever since from initial days of jailbreaking, most of the iOS users jailbreaking their Apple devices for gaming purposes only. Are you a game lover? Do you love to play games on your iPhone? If so, you are at the right place. Today we are presenting here about GBA4iOS download for your iOS devices. We have many emulators to play games like GBA, NDS and PS games. Among them, GBA4iOS is the best in recent times to play Game Boy Advance games on your Apple devices.

GBA4iOS is Supporting perfectly on iPhone 6s plus, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 and iPad mini, Air 2/3/4, iPod Touch 5th generation devices without any problem. GBA4iOS download and installation doesn’t need to jailbreak your device. After listening to this I know you are eagerly waiting for the procedure to GBA4iOS download and install on your mobiles. So let’s dig deeper into the procedure to GBA4iOS download for iOS devices.

Features of GBA4iOS

Before going to GBA4iOS download and install procedure, let’s look at the features of this emulator.

  • Complete different look in new version GBA4iOS 2.1 and simpler to use.
  • Some new features like Sustain button, Controller vibration and you can also play your own music while playing added to GBA4iOS 2.1.
  • It has full support for cheats. GBA4iOS 2.1 making cheats experience easier.
  • It is having multiplayer support, controller skins and URL schemes.
  • It is supporting Game boy and Game boy Color to play old games.
  • Some additional features Dropbox sync, iOS 7 controller support and Event distribution also available.
  • GBA4iOS 2.1 works for iOS 8.1 and above even for iOS 10.

GBA4iOS Download for iOS 9.3.1/9.3.2/10 Beta

  • Open safari browser and head to the link
  • You can see two links Signed and Date trick.

GBA4iOS signed

  • Click on signed version. You will see pop-up like below

GBA4iOS install

  • Click on Install button and one more pop-up will arise.
  • Tap install again, it will start installing on your mobile. Once installation completed you can see an icon on your home screen.
  • Now go to settings ->general -> profiles and trust the developer to use GBA4iOS properly.

That’s it now you can use the installed GBA4iOS on iPhone. You just download some GBA4iOS ROMs from the web for Game boy advance games and enjoy the features of GBA4iOS.

This is not the permanent method to install. It works only till the revocation of Apple certificate to GBA4iOS. If this method doesn’t work, we have another solution for you which mentioned below.

Note: To trust the app on iOS 8 no need to go to settings, just click on the icon on the home screen and tap trust on confirmation pop up.

GBA4iOS Download for iOS 9.3.1/9.3.2/10 Beta with Date Trick

Above method mentioned will work till the certificate revocation. After that, you cannot have GBA4iOS download directly to your mobile. So, we are presenting a new method to GBA4iOS download and install. Follow below steps to complete the GBA4iOS download.

  • Open safari browser on your iDevice and navigate to
  • You will find Signed and Date trick versions.

GBA4iOS download1

  • click on Date Trick version. You will see a pop-up like below.

GBA4iOS install

  • Click on Install. You can find that website not working.
  • Now, go to settings and change your device date to 2014 time period. Any period in 2014 will work.


  • Now come back to the browser and click on install. Now GBA4iOS download will start on your iDevice.
  • Once installation completed go to settings and change date back to Auto(It will set current date& time).
  • Now, go to settings ->General ->Profiles and trust the developer.
  • Go to settings and enable the Dropbox sync.
  • That’s it your GBA4iOS is ready to use now. Now add GBA4iOS ROMs on the web and enjoy the GBA, GB and GBC games.

This is the permanent method to GBA4iOS download for iOS 9.3.1 and 9.3.2. This installed GBA4iOS can’t be revoked unless and until you restore the mobile or update the device on iOS 9.3.1 and 9.3.2.

Wrapping Up

That’s it. Follow the instructions and get GBA4iOS download and install to your Apple devices. If you are not able to use emulator after installing, change the date back to 2010 and try to use for playing games. Let us know if any problems in GBA4iOS download and install through comments. So, we are at the end of the article. Hope you liked the article. Please do share it on social media if you like the article.

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